Covid-19 Awareness

Mantsopa Local Municipality (MLM) has a contigency plan to deliver basic services during this 21day lockdown period.


In taking heed of the President’s call the essential services are not going to be compromised. Here are the essential services that will be rendered:


  1. The water and basic sanitation services will be supplied without interruption during and post the lockdown period.
  2. Provision of bulk electricity will be supplied as normal and purchase of prepaid will be uninterrupted. The community members are encouraged to make use of EFT in purchasing of electricity in order to limit the movement. Alternatively, normal vending sites will be opened.
  3. Refuse removal and cleaning of illegal dumping sites will be done as per schedule.
  4. In all our high lying areas water will be supplied through the use of Water Tankers.
  5. 15 JoJo tanks will be installed in other high lying areas 6. Issuing of burial sites will continue as normal and the people who will be burying their beloved ones should contact Mr Gabriel Rabasothoana. He would be contacted on the following numbers: 081 0372593 on Wensdays between 8H00 and 10H00


The community members are encouraged to make use of EFT in paying for their services or do direct deposit at their banks using the following bank details:


ACCOUNT HOLDER’S NAME: Mantsopa Local Municipality ACCOUNT NUMBERS: 202000000050


NB: Take note the account number on your statement should be used as reference number. It consists of 12 digits.