Economic Profile

The economy of the MantsopaLocal Municipality is largely based on the commercial farming sector, which employs many of the community. The private and public sector also employs a number of the community. Tourism also plays an attraction point within the Maluti Mountains and the official pronouncement of Lekhalong La Mantsopa as a national heritage site. Mantsopa therefore is the gateway to the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho which attracts a lot of tourists nationally and internationally.

  • Tourism is the economic sector with the greatest potential in the municipality, with the following historical and cultural places of interest already established, as an example of what options are available to potential investors:
  • ‘Kgalong La Mantsopa’ a famous cave at the Catholic Mission in Modderpoort
  • Cave Church built by the Brotherhood of St Augustine in 1897 in Modderpoort which attracts scores of pilgrims annually
  • Archaeological sites on the farm Lemoenhoek near Hobhouse
  • The miniature church, built in 1938 in Hobhouse, to commemorate the Great Trek centenary
  • ‘Stables’ used for horses by the Boers in 1858 during the Basotho wars on the slopes of the Platberg
  • Ladybrand has the highest number of sandstone buildings in the country, many of them national monuments
  • San rock art in caves along the Caledon River
  • The Steve Visser Hiking Trail
  • The Unicom Agricultural School building (designed by Sir Herbert Baker) in Tweespruit
  • The Catherina Brand Museum (housing Stone Age displays and various exhibitions) in Ladybrand
  • The Klaerhout Museum (also designed by Sir Herbert Baker)
  • The Tweespruit Museum (containing mostly dairy factory artifacts) in Tweespruit

Potential tourism development has been identified in the following areas;

  • Develop the indigenous arts and craft centres in Hobhouse, Ladybrand and Tweespruit
  • Develop various dance and singing groups
  • Develop a cultural village and cultural centre in Ladybrand
  • Develop the Geil de Wet Caravan Park in Tweespruit
  • Develop the Leeuw River Dam
  • Develop the ThabaPatchoa Hiking Trail